ILIADA Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chocolate 250ml


Unique gourmet product, only available by ILIADA. A perfect balance of premium extra virgin olive oil and chocolate essence, in a protective designer tin container.

Ideal ingredient for gourmet recipes, pours with precision brings out the flavors in pastries, ice cream, and special creations.

Protected form sunlight and UV radiation, it is fun to use, easy to hold and pass along.

Designed for professional chefs, it is easy to use, inspires creativity, adds freshness and makes a perfect gift.

Intense green, characteristic of Koroneiki variety olive oil
Delicate Chocolate fragrance paired with a light aroma of fresh green fruit, resulting in a uniquely balanced condiment with exciting aroma
Smooth, fresh and well balanced olive oil condiment, light fruitiness and distinct chocolate flavor and aroma
Ideal for every baking application. Pour slightly over ice cream and deserts
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