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ILIADA EVOO Kalamata PDO 500ml

World ranked best olive oil!

  • 100% Full traceability EVOO, only from Kalamata, protected designation of origin
  • Low Acidity <0.5
  • Intense, from deep green to golden green color
  • Rich, full bodied flavor Medium fruitiness, light bitterness and light to medium pungency
  • Fresh pleasant and exquisite aroma of green fruits

ILIADA Kalamata Olives in 370g

  • Authentic Kalamata olives (Elia Kalamatas PDO) from the region of Kalamata
  • Naturally fermented olives
  • Awarded for its superior quality
    and exceptional taste
  • Three stars from the world’s best chefs

ILIADA Kalamata Olive Paste in 135g

  • Tapenade from Kalamata Olives
  • A tasty recipe with Balsamic Vinegar, Oregano, Savory & Garlic
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