ILIADA Kalamata PDO Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 870gr


Kalamata olives are unlike any other on earth; a product cultivated in a unique territory with ideal climate conditions. The PDO label is assigned exclusively to olives produced in Kalamata, Messinia at the Southern Peloponnese, thus guaranteeing the product’s superiority and high quality.

Kalamata Olives “Elia Kalamatas PDO” in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent combination!
The aromas of the Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil sweetens and brings out all the tastes of the authentic Kalamata olive. An essential ingredient of the Mediterranean & Greek cuisine, ideal for a balanced diet.

  • Outstanding taste & distinctive appearance
  • Almond shaped with glossy & durable peel
  • Black to dark purple color
  • Fruity flavor and moderately crunchy texture
  • Free of additives & preservatives
  • Allowed to naturally ripen on the tree
  • Handpicked to protect their sensitive flesh
  • A stand-alone delicious snack
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Weight 1.000 kg