ILIADA Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml


The epitomy of quality and family pride, ILIADA SINGLE ESTATE is a limited production ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil from a single family owned farm in Messinia, GREECE.

Its multi award winning quaracteristics are attributed to traceable natural factors such as soil, flora and fauna, microclimate, elevation, and olive variety. Its unique character reflects family tradition, know-how and ethos.

In an elegant bottle with cork, QR coded and numbered, this unique product will travel you to Greece to meet the farmer and his family.

Perfect gift for any occasion.
Deep green to golden green.
A fresh scent of grass and "green" leaves. It has a distinctive varietal note reminiscent of herbs, artichoke, green grass, red apple and sweet buttery taste sensation.
Wonderful robust fruity taste with bitter and pungent aftertaste.
Ideal for cooking, salad dressing, grilled fish, white meat, raw sauces, pasta and vegetables.
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