ILIADA Kalamata PDO Olives 1Kg


Elia Kalamatas was registered as a protected designation of origin (PDO) product on 21 June 1996 at the request of the Greek Government by Commission Regulation (EC) No 1107/96.

This unique and celebrated product, is produced, cultivated, handpicked and processed within the administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of MESSINIA, GREECE under strictly approved and certified  traditional conditions.

  • 100% hand-picked and traceable – from the olive tree to your table
  • Black to dark purple in color, almond-shaped and juicy with a characteristic rich fruity flavor. Crunchy and -full of aromas are the perfect addition to any dish
  • Naturally sun-ripened on the tree before harvested by hand to protect their sensitive flesh
  • Marinated and packed in brine with no added preservatives. Topped with a film of extra virgin olive oil Kalamata PDO for best product preservation
  • An essential ingredient of the Mediterranean & Greek cuisine, ideal for a healthy diet
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